Wedding Books - Not your parents' album...

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Story Book

This beautiful story book album is handmade in Edinburgh, Scotland, using the most environmentally sustainable methods available. It is the more traditional of the two albums while still being a contemporary, . It's printed onto photographic paper, which gives a slight sheen to the image, like a traditional photograph. This is then bonded onto a thicker heavy-weight paper.

Pricing starts at £350

Art Book

This fine art photo album is handcrafted in the US, with the utmost care and attention, and is the perfect way to re-live your wedding story.  A gorgeous album, with tactile cotton art paper, which gives a soft, low-contrast vintage feel which perfectly complements my style. Archival inks onto art paper creates a museum grade art book that will be your first family heirloom, to enjoy forever and pass onto future generations. 

Pricing starts at £495

The Process

Once you've received your gallery of images, you can create a list of your favourite images for me to then begin the design process. Albums start at 15 spreads (30 single facing pages), and can go up to 45 spreads (90 pages). I recommend an average of no more than 4 images per spread, and when I design, I will do some pages with more images and some that just have one image across the entire spread.

The entire design process doens't take too long - once I've completed the first proof,  I'll send you a link to the online system that I use for you to then make comments, suggestions, notes and changes. When you're ready, you submit your comments, and I make the necessary changes. Once you're happy with the design, it gets sent to the album company and you should receive it within 4 weeks.

Here's an example of a completed album design: