Anya & Steven's Wood Farm Barn Wedding, Suffolk

Wood Farm Barn in Suffolk is an incredible venue for a wedding. I hadn't photographed there prior to Anya and Steve's wedding day, and I loved discovering this gorgeous location which offered so many opportunities to Anya to personalise it, and for me to really take advantage of the stunning countryside when photographing their day. 

This is what Anya said about her choice of venue when we talked prior to her wedding,

Our venue was the beautiful Wood Farm Barn on the Benacre Estate, located just outside Southwold. It was the perfect 'blank canvas' to personalise and style, to create our vintage seaside themed day. Our styling and decoration included: - Vintage games in Edwardian stripy sun shelters hired from Vintage 78 DJs Matt and Annabel - coconut shy, skittle alley and hook and duck in an old tin bath. We also hired a vintage sesaide 'peep board' from Matt and Annabel - We created 'Anya & Steve's lucky dip bran tub' using an old galvanised tin bath. We wrapped retro toys like chattering teeth and slinkies in brown paper and twine and invited our guests to have a dip for a prize.

We also created a guess the number of sweets in the jar competition by filling a large Kilner jar with retro sweets and asking our guests to guess the number of sweets for the chance to win the whole jar

We reconditioned two vintage table football tables in the bar area, which was a nod to the Euro 2016 match of England v Russia, that was played on our wedding day!

We hired deckchairs and vintage sofas & armchairs from Vintage Mischief and Ophelia Weddings and arranged these in the area outside the main barn, along with faux antique patchwork quilts and picnic blankets, for people to relax on

Charlie from Ophelia weddings drew lots of chalkboard signs for us, including an amazing 'order of the day' door made from an old door, and I painted lots of signs for outside the barn, using wood from an old cupboard door, scaffolding plank, and even an old mirror back, bought from Vintage Mischief  We hired a beautiful old vintage trade bike from Vintage Mischief and arranged flowers in the basket

My parents collect lots of old soda siphons, ale flagons and ginger beer bottles, so we used these around our venue for styling. Denise from The Garden Gate used some of her own jars and bottles - and some of our vintage jars and bottles including Frank Cooper Marmalade jars, ginger beer bottles and Tate & Lyle tins - to arrange the flowers for the tables. We arranged the jars and bottles of flowers on stacks of old hardbook books and Penguin books

We created a kids' colouring table to keep the children entertained, with Tate & Lyle tins filled with crayons and Mr Men colouring books

We hired vintage lampshades from Vintage Mischief and hung them from the trees/barns with ribbon and lace

My mother in law wired lots of jam jars for us which we hung in the trees with battery tealights, so the twinkled beautifully in the evening

We bought small stripy windmills and placed them wither side of the path leading up to the barn - they went perfectly with our vintage seaside theme - A family friend of our's, Edwina, made lots of beautful fabric bunting for us which we hung on the outside of the barn buildings and the gate leading to the entrance of the barn. She also created some amazing map bunting for us using old ordnance survey maps from the places Steve and I are from - Birmingham and Suffolk -We had a card and gifts table outside the main barn, which we styled with an old vintage suitcase, vintage tablecloths and vintage letters hired from Ophelia Weddings, spelling out 'Cards' - Vintage 78 DJs, Matt and Annabel, created a guestbook table for us with an old typewriter and saucy seaside postcards so guests could leave messages for us

We collected lots of vintage props, painted old picture frames and also hired some dressing up props from Vintage Mischief to create a photobooth in the evening for guests to strike a pose with vintage props

Steve and my brother created a family tree of my and Steve's families, which we displayed in the bar area with old family photos we collected from both sides of the family

We styled our outside area with two old ladders that we displayed old family wedding photos in vintage frames on, as well as a 'washing line' of childhood photos of Steve and I, and herbs in old terracotta pots and Tate and Lyle tins

We arranged cocktail accessories on the bar in vintage teapots and Tate and Lyle tins - including flamingo swizzle sticks and retro cocktail umbrellas - We had a travel and maps theme running throughout our day: our tableplan was a world map and we named our tables after places we have been together- our table names were vintage postcards from these places and we used vintage luggage labels for the placenames; our guestbook table was styled with a 'vintage travel' theme including an old globe, saucy seaside postcards and an orginal typewriter'; we used vintage suitcases around the venue for styling and for our cards & gifts table; some of the bunting created by our family friend Edwina was made out of old ordnance survey maps from the Midlands and Suffolk (where Steve and I are from)

As part of the drinks we had served from our bar area, we provided three cocktails with names relating to Southwold (where our wedding was) and our vintage seaside theme: 'Sole Bay Spritz' (Aperol Spritz) served in a crystal wine glass, 'Suffolk Bramble' (Bramble) served in a vintage teacup and saucer and 'Southwold Sea Breeze' (Sea Breeze) served in a champagne saucer - We also had ales served from pumps including some Adnams ale, Sadlers ale from the West Midlands (where Steve is from) and some home brewed ales from our Usher Tom, who makes a lot of his own ales. We named these after things related to my and Steve's life and also to our vintage seaside theme. One of our ales was called 'Nasha's Hop Dog', after my dog, Nasha, who came to our wedding

Nasha, my dog, wore a beautiful floral fabric collar created by Kate of Daphne Rosa

Anya wore a custom designed dress by Sabina Motasem's 2016 collection, which is now called the Anya Dress, and her flowers were from The Garden Gate in Southwold.

After the ceremony, Anya and Steve took their guests to the beach where they were served ice cream from a bike by The Ice Cream Bike Company 

The whole day was beautiful, and Anya and Steve put so much work into it! I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I enjoyed photographing this very beautiful vintage style wedding.