The Importance of The Family Group Photo

We've all been to, or heard about, weddings where the group photos have (or at least seem to have) gone on for hours...the endless stream of relatives being called in and out of photos, while the rest of the guests get bored and restless. But 'formal' photos don't have to be formal.

I love the social history side of photography, the glimpse into the past. My parents were married in the late 60s, and I love their (very few) photos from their wedding day - especially the ones showing my aunts and uncles, dressed up in their finest flares and mini skirts, with beehive hair and beatles-esque haircuts for the men. They're so very, very precious. And that's what I love about family photos - the chance to capture a photo that, yes, will date, but in a good way. It's a chance to make sure that I get at least one photo of your aging grandparents, your cousin who's flown in from Canada to be with you, and the chance to sort out your christmas present to your parents (let's face it, what parent isn't won over by a framed photo of their child for Christmas - I know mine are - although they're rapidly running out of wall space since having 6 grandchildren.

These are amongst the ones you'll cherish in years to come. It's a painless process when I do family photos, and my couples always thank me for keeping it moving quickly and getting people back to their drinks and canapés quickly.

Here are just a few of my favourites