The Londesborough, Stoke Newington - A London City Wedding

Stoke Newington Town Hall Wedding

Helen and Ben are just the loveliest people - both primary teachers in Stoke Newington, they met through work and had their little boy a short time later. Their wedding wasn't so much about becoming a family - clearly they already are - or uniting two families - again, already so united and loving - but about celebrating their relationship. And they did so in style! From Helen's beautifully unique wedding dress and shoes, to the flowers that she and her sister made 2 days before the wedding, to the fantastic Londesborough Pub (have I mentioned how much this is one of my favourites!), their wedding was a celebration of their relationship, as well as their relationship with the area that they live and work in, and love. I hope you enjoy looking through these images even half as much as I enjoyed making them!