Tracy & Pete's Scottish Borders Wedding

...AKA the one that makes me cry... Wow! This wedding! I first met Tracy and Pete over a year ago, in London, when they told me about the time they booked a holiday and arrived to find they'd booked the wrong dates - by a YEAR! For some couples, this would be the source of blame and digs for years to come, but for Tracy and Pete, it's a funny story that sums up their relationship with organisation. It also sums up their relationship with each other - they laugh. A lot. In fact, I don't think I've ever photographed a wedding in which there was so much laughter. It makes the tender moments so much more tender, and I think that's why, as Pete's dad walked Tracy down the aisle, I was totally overwhelmed - and I wasn't alone, so many guests said the same thing. Tracy and Pete make the people around them feel happy, feel special, they have the amazing gift of making people comfortable and relaxed when around them, and their day was just perfect. But enough words - it's not what I'm good at! Instead, I'm going to share their day in images.

And if you want to see it set to music in a little slideshow, look no further