Reportage Photography - The Candids

When you look back after your wedding day, you might remember the excitement and nerves you felt on your way to the ceremony venue, or the way your hands shook as you walked arm-in-arm with your dad down the aisle. You might remember how terrified you felt at the thought of getting nervous giggles as you say your vows (if you do, don't worry - people will think your shoulders are shaking with emotion, not laughter, trust me ;) ) You'll perhaps remember a few moments during the speeches when your new husband said the most romantic thing he's ever said before, or the first dance when it's just the two of you and the guests melt into the background. But there is so much more that will just escape your memory - the excitement on your bridemaids' faces when they see you in your dress, completely ready, for the first time; the way your grandmother's eyes welling with tears as you walk down the aisle; your best friend laughing during the speeches; your best man and his wife kissing during the first dance, caught up in the romance of the day. These moments are what makes the day so very special, and these are the moments I love photographing. The little moments that make the story of your day. 

I got married 11 years ago next week (4th June 2005) and I still remember vividly the thought on waking the next day, of wanting to be a fly on the wall, seeing everything that I'd missed from the day before, and wanting to re-live the day all over again. That feeling is what motivates me on your wedding day, I want to give you the photos that will make you feel like you can, at any time, re-live your day again.

90% of the photographs I take on the day of your wedding are reportage or journalistic style photography, capturing the true moments that make your day unique, and will bring back not just memories but the feelings of the day every time you look back at your photos, in the days, weeks and years to come.

These are the moments that I love most about wedding photography.