Rebecca & Chulanga's Newby Hall Wedding {Papa Kata Teepee Wedding}

I drove up to Newby Hall in Yorkshire the night before Rebecca and Chewy's wedding, and just as I arrived and saw the beautiful Papa Kata teepee for the first time, the heavens opened - rain like I'd never seen before! Maybe it's a special type of rain that only falls in Yorkshire - I had to actually pull the car over at one point because it was impossible to see. To say that we had worries about the weather the next day would have been an understatement!

But, on the morning of Rebecca and Chewy's wedding, the weather could not have been better! The sun shone all day, and we were even treated to a beautiful clear evening. 

The details of the day were just stunning, from Rebecca's Vera Wang gown to the personalised books (with a hand-written note in each) that made up the favours (Wuthering Heights, of course, what other choice for a Yorkshire Moor wedding?), the Roeni stationery that set the scene for the wedding day, and, of course the beautiful Papa Kata tent in the grounds of Newby Hall.

It was a stunning wedding, and Rebecca and Chewy are such an amazing couple, it was such an honour to photograph them on their very special day.