Rachel and Martin's Natural Retreats Yorkshire Wedding {Preview}

I've had a busy few weeks, with weddings from Worthing in the South Coast to Richmond, Yorkshire, and I've spent a lot of time in my car! The travelling is so worth it though, when I get to attend and photograph weddings as beautiful as these!

I went up to Natural Retreats in Yorkshire, a gorgeous eco holiday park with wooden lodges, scandi-style mid century style furnishings and the most beautiful countryside on offer in the UK! It was such a special day, Rachel and Martin went to a huge amount of time and effort to ensure that the day was a true reflection of their relationship - from the DIY picnic hampers on each table, to the all-day playlist that churned out favourite song after favourite song (Rachel, please send me a link to the Spotify playlist!) to the ceremony, conducted by a close friend and written with musical references and vows that had such meaning to them both. It was also a collaboration between the couple and their family and friends, and was the perfect day. Here are a few photos.