Rachel and Martin's {Natural Retreats Yorkshire} Wedding

Alternative wedding photography

Every so often, I photograph a wedding where I think "This is how I'd do my wedding, if I was doing it all again" - and it's so often not about the venue or the details, but about the atmosphere, the love in the room, and the attitude of my couple. This year has been amazing, I feel like I have photographed my ideal wedding over and over, from outdoor weddings to church weddings, from tiny elopements to 200+ guests, from hotel to barn to tipi to country house, the one thing they've all had in common is that the bride and groom wanted a fun day, for themselves and for their guests - they wanted an amazing cermony and then a party with their loved ones to celebrate. 

Rachel and Martin's day was so full of fun, music and laughing. From the getting ready to the outdoor ceremony officiated by their friend (and packed full of music lyrics and references), to the wedding breakfast that was a picnic hamper per table, that Martin had put together, to the fantastic party. I took them away for 15 mins in the evening, we went for a little walk around the amazing venue grounds, and I gave them the chance to just breathe. To take in the events of the day, and reconnect with themselves and each other. So many of my couples really appreciate this chance to step away and acknowledge just what an amazing day they're having, and it's one of the highlights of my day when they say how valuable this time was, before we head back into the madness for first dance and party time!