Handfasting Wedding {Granchester Meadows}

This wedding was such an incredibly special day to be a part of, the memory of it will stay with me for such a long time. It was so elegant, so perfect, and yet so honest and emotional and genuine. We punted down the river, sipping Champagne and Elderflower cordial, enjoying the journey of just over an hour to The Meadow in Grantchester. We came around a corner to see a first glimpse of the beauty that awaited us in the meadow. The marquee looked amazing, simply breathtaking. As guests dived straight into the village-fete style games, Liz and her bridesmaid snuck off into the back of the marquee for a quick change into *that* dress before the ceremony.
Now the bit that gets to me every. single. time. Liz and Chris had a memory box, lined with photos from their beautiful pre-wedding shoot, a bottle of red wine, an invitation to their wedding and their guests’ replies, and letters that they’d written to each other in the days preceding their wedding. This is an anniversary box, to be opened on their 10th wedding anniversary, or, if things get tough in the intervening years, as they can do when you’re first married, to open at any time that they need reminding of the love that they felt for each other on their wedding day, their hopes and promises for the future. I’ve marvelled before about how amazing I think it is that so many people (myself included, I guess!) make promises to their partner that they will always feel this way, and how incredible the faith that couples have in each other that the other person will continue to love, support and cherish them. It’s something very, very special. And I love that Liz and Chris have acknowledged that it won’t always be easy, it takes hard work and commitment, but they’re pledging to make that commitment to not give up on love.
After their incredibly emotional ceremony, they cut the cakes, served the tea, played the games and listened to gramophone music from DJ.78, who I’d seen just the week before at Marie and Simon’s wedding!
Then the gorgeous details were revealed and guests were invited to choose a cocktail before being seated for dinner. After dinner, the guests provided their own entertainment, a surprise to Liz and Chris, a series of review-type pieces including singing, storytelling, poetry recitals and even a little burlesque dancing, before the bridesmaid then led everyone in a spot of ceilidh to end the night. It was perfect.