Beyza and Bart's Winter London Wedding

Beyza and Bart are just the sweetest couple you'll ever meet - Beyza is so warm and welcoming (and makes the BEST coffee in London!) and Bart is thoughtful and so genuine. They complement each other perfectly! Their wedding was the first time that their families had met, and, despite the language barrier, they all had an amazing time on the wedding day - warmth and happiness needs no translation!

They were also awesome clients who, recognising that a winter wedding meant that it would be dark before their ceremony was over, decided to do a first look and have all their portraits, and family photos, ahead of their ceremony at Islington Town Hall. This had the added advantage of meaning that their party started pretty much straight after the ceremony, and they could spend the maximum amount of time with their guests.

It was SUCH a great day, and I was so honoured to share the day with them. Thanks for having me along, and for ensuring that I had as much fun, and felt as welcome, as all of your guests!