Barnsley House Wedding {Gillian & Steve}

Gillian had planned an outdoor wedding, with the ceremony held at the Summer House, but Mother Nature had other plans. The morning of the wedding arrived and it did not stop raining- rain like I’ve never seen before. The Chinese believe that rain on your wedding day signifies good fortune, well, if that’s the case, Gillian and Steve are going to have an incredibly fortunate life together.
So, Marie and I arrived to find Gillian still contemplating an outdoor ceremony, insisting that it may yet brighten. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be the case, but Natalie at Barnsley House and her team performed miracles to ensure that everything Gillian wanted was still exactly as she imagined it would be – they made the room look beautiful, they made sure that confetti could still be thrown, and they turned the room around at breakneck speed for the meal and, later on in the day, for the evening reception.The staff at Barnsley House are amazing. I’ve worked with them a few times now, and they are always a complete delight to work with, so helpful, so focused on ensuring that the day goes smoothly. It’s always a pleasure to work there.
Anyway, back to Gillian. I love her stoicism. After the ceremony, we asked her if she’d like to go outside. Well, of course she would, she replied, she’s Scottish after all, a bit of rain doesn’t scare her. Unlike poor Steve, who had a wool suit made for the day, and was utterly terrified that it would shrink, or end up misshapen. I haven’t actually asked Gillian how the suit is, so I do hope that Steve was worrying needlessly…
Their day was one that was filled with laughter, from family and friends, especially the “Scottish Mafia” (the day would not have been the same without these lovely ladies!) and the best man, whose speech had everyone in fits with the stories that he told about Steve.
Gillian and Steve, thanks for allowing me to take you out into the rainy gardens, I know that the rain was disappointing for you at the time, but I think they really add something very, very special to the story of your day.