Suzie + Darren's Festival Style Sussex Wedding

woodland festival wedding sussex

A festival style, boho wedding was the perfect way for Darren and Suzie to start their married life - they're both yoga instructors, and Suzie is also the most imaginative vegan cook (her early morning yoga classes often end with breakfast which she prepares herself, if you're in London, check out her classes!) so it came as no surprise that this gorgeous colourful wedding was also a vegan feast. They asked family and friends to bring bunches of flowers to add to the ones they provided, which led to a forest of colour either side of their back yard aisle. Their ceremony was conducted by their friend, and they had other friends tell stories and provide readings of their choice. One of their friends, Michael James Wong, founder of Just Breathe London, reminded guests to remain present in the day - to live in the moment, not thinking about yesterday or the things that need to be done tomorrow, but to remain mindful and present in order to fully enjoy and appreciate the love surrounding them. 

Well, with the ceremony as perfect as that was, of course the day carried on in the same vein, with guests having an amazing time, everyone chatting to everyone else, friends and family sharing the experience and making new friends along the way, exactly as Darren and Suzie imagined they'd want their day to be. The evening ended with a fantastic party followed by guests staying over in tipis specially provided for the occasion. I heard that the tipis were amazing, and I'm quite jealous that I didn't stay in one myself!

It was an incredibly special day, and one that I am so honoured to have witnessed and recorded. Thanks, Suzie and Darren, for having me along, and I hope to catch one of your yoga classes very soon xxx