Sneak Peek {Sarah + Colin}

I met Sarah and Colin for the first time at Costa Coffee in Forest Row. I was just walking in when I spotted a cute couple, and their young son, crossing the road. I immediately recognised them as my prospective couple - it's like a sixth sense after 8 years of playing the "Will I spot them, will they recognise me?" game! We got coffees and sat down to chat about their wedding plans....except, I remember, we talked more about food, fitness, kids (and kids + iPhones/Minecraft/Stampy), humour, work....lots of things. Not much about actual weddings! But they must have been happy with what we did talk about in terms of how I work, because they booked me! And I am so pleased that they did. Sarah and Colin are such a great couple - complementary in every way! Their friends and family were so happy to see them get married (I've never heard a marquee cheer so loudly when the couple are anounced in, as this crowd did), and really funny (speeches were heckled so much, I started to wonder if we'd run late purely for that reason!) - they had a fantastic day, at a gorgeous venue, and I had a great time photographing it all! Can't wait to share more.