An East London Wedding {Olivia & Tim}

East London Wedding photographer

I knew I'd love Olivia the very first time she emailed me to ask about photographing her wedding - she described how she'd met Tim when she'd set up a "Jammin' Society" at uni - the purpose being to bring together jam eaters and musicians. Tim is the musician in the relationship! A few days after our initial email, we met for tea and cake (no jam, as far as I remember) close to Tim's work in central London and I just loved both of them, I was thrilled when they booked me to photograph their wedding, I knew it'd be awesome - and it was! 

I met Liv on the morning of her wedding at the local hairdressers. She was running around 1.5 hrs late when I got to her, through no fault of her own, but was still cool and calm (despite the heat - oh yes, hottest day of the year!). Her cousin was doing her makeup which was fabulous as it meant it could be done while the hairdresser finished off her bridesmaids, and then we walked back to her house where she continued getting dressed. Thanks to her laid back, calm approach, the missing time was made up, and we arrived at the venue 1 minute before ceremony start time - perfect!

The ceremony itself took place at the gorgeous historic Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge. Just minutes from central London, but on the edge of Waltham Forest, the hunting lodge really does have an amazing sense of countryside about it.

After the ceremony and drinks, we headed off to the beautiful gardens at the Dog and Duck pub in Walthamstow where the fun continued! It was such a beautiful day with two of the loveliest people I've ever met, plus their friends and family who were so welcoming, so much fun (slightly insane, especially the bride's side ;-) ) and when, at the end of the night, Liv's mum came up to me to thank me, we both got a little teary! I wish all my Thursdays were spent photographing weddings just like this one <3