Kate & Goose Got Married!

Kate and Goose got married at her parents' house in Surrey, and it was a truly epic day. Kate's dad built a barn in the back garden for their wedding, as well as an amazing cocktail bar, a family friend did all of the flowers, and the meat for the main meal and evening meal was all raised on their farm. Kate and Goose are two of the most lovely people I've ever met, and bounce off each other perfectly - they laughed and smiled all day long.

I was actually more nervous editing these photos than I have been in years at a wedding, because I really wanted to ensure that the photos reflected just how epic their day really was - the laughter, the friendships, the love that I saw and witnessed on their wedding day was so special. I received an email after I sent Kate the link to the slideshow, from Kate, here's an excerpt

"Oh my god Eliza we love it!!! Just watched it and cried my eyes out it was incredible!!! It perfectly summed up the whole day. Thank you so so so much."

I'm so pleased that they love their photos, and I am so happy that I got to share their day with them.